Class of '45 Team Becomes Bremont Watches Ambassadors

Class of ’45 is proud to announce that Jim Tobul and Scott Yoak are the newest brand ambassadors for the exquisite timepieces made by Bremont Watches.

“We’re very pleased to represent Bremont and their amazing chronometers,” said Jim Tobul. “We are ecstatic that they have selected Scott and me to help showcase their fine timepieces and the history they honor. They have a similar focus to that of Class of ’45, so it’s a very natural partnership.”

The love and passion for aviation has coursed through the founders veins from very early in their childhoods. There has always been a very close association between time and aviation since the first brave adventurers took to the skies over 100 years ago. The love of aviation and its uncompromising demands are both inherent in every Bremont watch.


You can read more about their partnership by clicking HERE, and be sure to visit the Bremont Ambassador page at THIS LINK.

Shaw AFB – Thunder Over The Midlands – Great Show!

RockstarsShaw AFB is a great place to have an airshow, and have a great airshow we did! There were some awesome videos shot while we were there, and we wanted to share some of this great work with all of you. Thanks to all of you for your support, and keep shooting!

Strong Finish at Langley!

Jim1After a bit of bad weather on Friday and Saturday, the Air Power Over Hampton Roads Airshow at Langley AFB finished with one of the most spectacular shows ever!

Scooter1We were so privileged to be there, and wanted to show off a few more photos from ace shooter Ricardo von Puttkammer. He’s been on a roll lately following us up the coast from SUN ‘n FUN to Langley. Enjoy!

The Class of '45 was featured at SUN 'n FUN 2016

SnFVA3The Class of ’45 was featured at SUN ‘n FUN not only in their debut flights at the event, but on the ground as well. It was the inaugural year of Victory’s Arsenal Theater, a venue created on SUN ‘n FUN’s Warbird Ramp to showcase the people and aircraft that have shaped history and made the United States military the most respected in the world.

SnFVA4Warbird Radio host Matt Jolley interviewed Jim and Scooter in front of Korean War Hero and Quick Silver as a large crowd looked on from special bleachers set out for the event. The guys did a great job, and were on hand afterwards to answer questions before getting ready to fly their demo for the day. Great time, and we are sure looking forward to going back!