F4U-4 Corsair

P-51D Mustang

History – F4U-4 Corsair

One of the few surviving combat veteran F4U-4 Corsairs, “Korean War Hero” has a legendary history. She served two tours on two different carriers. She has the distinction of flying over 200 combat missions. Restored by Joe and Jim Tobul, this meticulously crafted Corsair now flies to remind us that the price of freedom is high, paid by those who have served to defend it.

Specs – F4U-4 Corsair Aircraft

  • Engine

    Pratt & Whitney R2800, 18 cylinder, 2,650hp

  • Propeller

    Hamilton Standard, four blade, 13′ 2″ diameter

  • Speed

    407kts (470mph)

  • Empty weight

    9,380 lbs

  • Maximum weight

    15,200 lbs

  • Maximum ceiling

    41,000 feet

  • Maximum fuel

    234 gallons internal, plus (2) 150 gallon drop tanks

  • Maximum range

    1,983 nautical miles (2,280 statue miles)

  • Oil capacity

    27 gallons

  • Armament

    Six (6) .50 caliber machine guns with 2,400 rounds, eight (8) 5″ HVAR (high velocity aircraft rockets), two (2) 1,000 lbs bombs or Napalm or 15″ Tiny Tim rockets